Re: [AH] Roland SH2 Filter

From Dister Bunty
Sent Fri, Jan 16th 2009, 03:19

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That's interesting to me, because when I had the SH-2 (now the SH-1!), I
found the filter to be very woody and aggressive.  Kind of dry and
bouncy...less mush and more punch, I guess.  Compared to my voyager, it
definitely has more spit and bite in the attack.  Can't ever get chunky bas=
like that. (or maybe I'm just not a stellar Voyager programmer!)
SH-2 is one of those special underdogs that is slowly becoming an overdog.


On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 4:45 PM, Jenna <> wrote:

> I think the SH2 sounds beautiful, and has a certain sound of tense
> electricity to it. Maybe if it was my only synth I would feel it wasn=B4t
> powerful enough, but if you want it to sound dirtier just plug one of the
> outputs into the Ext input.
> /Jenna
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> > Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:16:52 -0500
> > Subject: RE: [AH] Roland SH2 Filter
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> >
> > Seriously?
> >
> > I love the SH-2, but I guess the filter isn't that special. i quite lik=
> the filter but hate the bass drop with resonance (on all filters, I put u=
> with it, but it sucks) What mod could add more bite? perhaps just increas=
> the input level from the mixer?
> >
> >
> >> From:> To:> Date: Thu, 15 Jan
> 2009 11:02:41 +1300> Subject: [AH] Roland SH2 Filter>> The SH2 in the 198=
> was completely ignored and considered a waste of> time like the TB-303---=
> main reason is the SH2 stock standard> filter lacked the bite of the earl=
> system 100 101 102 filter---the> SH2 filter is more like the system 100M =
> --nothing special in its> stock standard form>> I recall seeing a mod for
> the SH2 Filter that made it slightly more> aggressive --can no longer fin=
> the link> Anyone still have this>> thanks David
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