Re: [AH] 1-channel Midi to CV/Gate, cheaper than ProSolo?

From MM
Sent Fri, Aug 1st 2008, 18:23

2008/8/1 Florian Anwander <>:
> Doepfer MCV-4 is at least in Europe cheaper. 120 Euros (incl wallwart) vs=
> 199,- Euros for the ProSolo

Well...the Pro Solo costs =A3124.90 from Kenton...that's roughly 158
Euro. However the MCV-4 is only costs from 110 Euro from Doepfer.

I would highly recommend you (Amos) to save some money and get the Pro
Solo. Of course the MCV-4 and some other older ones work sometimes,
but many of them suffer from instability, bad 8-bit resolution,
incompability and so on.