FS/T Kawai XD-5

From [22Hz] Productions
Sent Thu, Sep 25th 1997, 11:29

	I've got this here thing sitting on a shelf collecting dust, and 
no piece of equipment deserves that. So here's my solution. The unit is in 
perfect shape, comes with rack ears, a manual, and a small order of 
fries. I recently upgraded the OS to v1.2, the latest. (And I ceased 
using it approximately 3 days later... stoopid me.) Anyway, I'm 
interested in oddball stuff, anything really, but if you have any random 
modules from any modular system (Doepfer and homemade too) lying around, 
whee! I'd prefer taking trades, but cash is an option which I will go for 
if nothing piques my interest. Hit me-