Re: Roland SH-3 Mod.

From rude66
Sent Fri, Sep 19th 1997, 13:01

At 12:57 18-09-97 -0800, Mark Walsh wrote:
>If anyone has modified this thing or knows why I shouldn't bother please
>send some input.  I kind of like it's cheesy Prog-Rock sound again.   

if the 3 is the same (ish) as the 3a, it can be done. |I had one that i
bought in germany, modified and all. the biggest problem is that its not
1V/oct, but rather something like 1,2 or 1,3. so your tuning goes off fairly
fast. then again on some midi-cv converters tyou can adjust the voltage, i
believe the Doepfer MCV1 does this. I eventually sold mine to pay for the
mono poly i bought..


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