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Another option would be to buy a lowpass and highpass from a brand like
Doepfer and use them in serial.  Voltage control of bandwidth could be
accomplished by using a single CV for both CV inputs but inverted for one of
them.  That signal could be an LFO, ADSR, or anything.  The other CV inputs
could take a single multiplied voltage as from an ADSR or whatever.  Given
the price of Doepfer filters, we're not talking about such an expensive
proposition.  $92 for an A-120 lowpass, $111 for an A-123 highpass (but
probably better to get two A-121 multimodes at $123 each -- -12dB slopes and
lots more options).  An A-175 dual voltage inverter is only $49.  Altogether
you're talking around $300.

At any rate there's no such thing as a $450 anything from Serge per se, is
there?  You'd need to find about $2000 worth of buddy modules to fill out
the panel.

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> Does anyone know if anyone besides serge makes a variable bandwidth
> bandpass modular filter? It needs to be resonant and have vc over
> bandwidth. If nobody does, somebody should, I'd probably by 3-4 right
> off the bat. With Serge prices these days I don't think I want to shell
> out $450 a filter plus the misc mod modules if there is another option.
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