Re: Fwd: Re: Modular Project!

From per.mattsson
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 1995, 12:46

>If you like this size anyway, how about using their standart ?

Maybe that is possible. If it is good enough. 

>Why not buy the whole thing from them?
>Their modules are still verry basic and we would go for something else.

I haven't seen this Doepfer thing myself, but from what I've heard it sounds a
bit to basic for us. But maybe we could use their bus/enclosure standard and
develope more mature system.

>The doepfer just used a bus containing one pair of CV/gate I think.
>More voices would cost you simply another rack system with it's own

But then we're back at the, dare I say boring, Minimoog setup again. I want a
rack just filled with filters, a rack full of VCOs etc. 



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