Re: Roland System 100M

From P Davis
Sent Fri, Mar 17th 1995, 12:09

 Wotcha Groove-meisters!

        I'm not sure you can get it outside the UK, but if you can get hold of a copy, check out the April (yes, April!) edition of Sound on Sound.
          1) Everything you could ever want to know about the System 100M in a retrospective review.....and;

          2) An interview with Phil Oakey- owner of a rather nice 100M, and virtually everything else by the looks of the list!
     While I'm here...  I've just seen a CS-01 going for 50 UK pounds... can anyone tell me anythng about this mono? Keyfax2 says it's pretty ordinary, but then it would....


 PS And of course, being from the UK- Beer, pub, beer.