[AH] FS/FT: Plan B, Doepfer

From Eyesaw
Sent Sun, Feb 17th 2008, 22:31

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Have the Following FS/FT:

Plan B Model 15 VCO (new) $235, Plan B Model 11 BP VCF (new) $235, =
Doepfer A113 Subharmonic Generator $245, A121 Multi Mode VCF $115, A138
Exp. Mixer $35, A137 Wave Mutiplier $130, A149-2 Digital Random Voltages =
$45, A163 VC Divider $85, A185 Bus Access $25. All have ribbon cables =
and screws.

All items are in excellent condition. Will trade for other Euro synth =
modules. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

Thanks - Bill

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