Re: nord modular

From L Bergman
Sent Wed, Feb 4th 1998, 21:56

My question is, how does it sound compared to the Nord Lead?  I've spent
some time playing with the Nord Lead II, and it sounds pretty good.  No,
it's not an analog synth, but to my ears its just fine.  Does the Nord
modular produce the same sounds or is it using a different set of
algorithms and sound different (seems unlikely, but you never know).


Kurt Dwight Bleach wrote:
> Ross Goniakowski wrote:
> > I recently
> > purchased a Doepfer and the cost with another case and more mods
> > would be about the same. But remember the Nord gives you patch storage
> > and true portable mobility.
> >
> > I wonder how much I have left on my credit card....
> >
> > rg
> I don't want to be the sole naysayer here, but I played with this thing
> for quite a while at the NAMM show and was greatly underwhelmed with the
> sound. It's hard to describe what seemed dissapointing to me without
> getting into the tired old "true analog dogmatism" thing and nebulous
> comments about fat versus thin sound, but my first impression was that
> this machine is to the modular world what the DW8000 was to the
> poly-analog world (remember how excited we all were that it had a built
> in digital delay?).
> Did I just have a crappy pair of headphones, or what?