Re: [AH]runin RS7000 into Expressionist into modulars - opinions/timing?

From Tomislav Babic
Sent Sun, Jan 11th 2009, 13:57

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On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 8:41 AM, Paul Lord <> wrote:

> You can DIY clock off the DinSync jack if you know the right pin (I don't
> off the top of my head).  Or something like the PolySync from sinsync.comor the Flame Clockwork will neatly solve any midi to analog clock needs you
> have.  But if you donj't already have one of those two then the DIY may be
> the way to go...
> Paul

hi Paul. thanks for the info..

i do have the small Doepfer thingie. but it was hit'n'miss with syncing
stuff, last time i used it.
and i was looking to have an all in one solution.  but DIYing clock form the
DIN signal of Expressionist
sounds interesting.

are there any known DIY schems for somehting like this?

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