Re: [AH] Roland System 100M Questions

From mikekent
Sent Tue, Jan 11th 2005, 04:16

> - on the back of the 191-J cases are 2 cinch outputs labeled Jack C 1 &
> 2. What are they for?

On the front you will notice that A1 is connected to B1 and A2 is connected
to B2. C-1 is connected to A1 and B1, C2 is connected to A2 and B2. They are
there to give a convenient way to route a signal between the front and back
of the system.

> - Both cases have a 6 pin DIN connector labeled Expander. I am assuming
> that this is used to connected multiple 191-J cases together so that
> they share the same bus. Am I correct?

Yes. If you have external CV/Gate/Trig connected to the front of in a system
or a keyboard connected to one system, the external CV/Gate/Trig or keyboard
signals are sent to another system over that cable.


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