Re: [AH] Supplier for patchords in UK

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Sat, Aug 9th 2008, 19:31

hi Mark,

Doepfer makes two meter green patchcords.
i guess you can buy these thru EMIS in the UK.

best regards,

Bakis Sirros
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Athens - Greece
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From: "Mark Griffiths" <>
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Subject: [AH] Supplier for patchords in UK

Hi, I'm trying to get longer patch chords to link together two modular 
systems and I'm drawing a blank. They are 3.5mm jack, can be any colour but 
need to be about 2m. Analogue Systems are fine up to about 75mm, but they 
don't do longer ones. I tried Maplins, Amazon, no luck. Turnkey have gone, I 
think. I tried a specialist, Proleads, the only thing they have is 3.5mm 
jack to jack but stereo. Don't they have to be mono?
Unfortunately making them up is not an option.
Just to stress the point, I'm in the UK.