Re: Modulation footpedals

From dwp
Sent Fri, Sep 26th 1997, 19:09

BW wrote:
> Anyone have any recommendations for footpedals for modulation purposes (VCO
> pitch, cutoff frequency, etc.)? Am I right in thinking that some modern
> volume (swell) pedals can be used for these purposes?
> And if anyone wants to sell me a Korg MS-01, I'm all ears! :-)
> Ben
> p.s. Why do Coldcut have _three_ Korg PS-3300's and an EMS VCS4? It's not
> fair!! Boo-hoo! ;-)

Modulation footpedals must output a CV.  Most (cheap) volume pedals are
only a pot.  I got some "old" Moog pedals and these need a battery to
supply the CV.  I'm sure you could rig up the "cheap" volume pedal to
output CV.