Re: [AH] Serge and Doepfer compatability

From Drew Neumann
Sent Thu, Nov 1st 2007, 17:10

As long as they are common grounded together, they work fine. They may=20=

not track perfectly with each other (the later model Serge is very=20
precise) but they otherwise play well together.
You will want to make a ton of adapter cables unless you plan to spend=20=

a fortune/use up real estate on converter panels. Telescoping shield is=20=

preferred (shielded to the banana side) but not critical.

On Nov 1, 2007, at 8:59 AM, =A9 wrote:

> does anyone here interface their Serge and Doepfer systems together? =20=

> I assume you'd just have to connect the supply grounds together and=20
> use a banana to mini converter panel.. are the voltages compatable?  =20=

> I don't have schemos or much experience with either system.
>  opinions? suggestions? tips?
>  thanks
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