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From Hans Petter Andersen
Sent Wed, Feb 4th 1998, 16:54

At 03:20 04/02/98 +0000, you wrote:
>In the last Depeche Mode CD,"ULTRA",there is a song played with a Roland
>700 by Daniel Miller(track 5,"Uselink").There is a lot of nice sounds
>and a very "Kraft..." ambient.
>Any info about the rest of the equipment?

They seem to be quite some gearheads. Here's a list of what was
being used on the Ultra album:


ARP 2600 (x4)
Clavia NordLead
Korg Prophecy
Korg Trinity
Midi Moog (x2)
Oberheim 4-Voice
Oberheim Matrix-12
Oberheim OB-8
PPG Wave 2.3
Roland JD-800 (x2)
Roland Juno-106
Roland Jupiter-8
Roland System-100m (x2)
Roland System-700
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Waldorf Wave


E-MU Morpheus
E-MU Proteus 2XR
E-MU Vintage Keys
Korg M1R
Korg Wavestation AD
Oberheim Matrix-1000
Roland JV-1080
Yamaha TX802


Akai CD3000
Akai S1000
Akai S1100 (x2)
Akai S3200XL
Fujitsu 230 MO Drives
Kurzweil K2000R
Olympus 230 MO Drives


Boss pedals (various)
Eventide H3000SE
Lexicon PCM-70
Mutron Filter
Mutron Phaser
Mutron Wah-Pedal
MXR Phaser
Roger Meyer Distortion
Roland SDD-320 Dimension D
Sony HRMP-5
Zoom 9010


ARP 1615 Sequencer
Atari 1040 running C-Lab Notator (x2)
Atari 1040 running Cubase

...and more, but I doubt it's of interest for this list!

I love this band!

Hans Petter Andersen