[AH] Re: Silent Night

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00


It sounds like a single event or problem is
effecting all of your synths! Since some of
the 100m works, I'll take it for granted it's
not an all-around fuse failure... What
area do you live in and where were they
stored? Some issues might be extreme 
temperature/humidity over an extended
period of time, rats/mice chewing up
internal wiring, or *most highly unlikely*,
ball lightning. If they were transported 
over a long distance, some ICs and 
connectors may have become unseated
or loose. Open the gear up and press 
down on any socketed ICs; wiggle and
press any connectors into place. 
Use a voltmeter and confirm that
the power supplies in each synth are
producing the correct voltages. 

Please post your results; this is a 
strange problem!

Best luck,


PS: Significant others come and go,
but synths are forever (if you stock up
on spare parts).