Re: [AH] New Vintage Tomita in Studio Youtube Video (who can translate ?

From Kenneth Elhardt
Sent Thu, May 30th 2013, 01:06

From: Mike B
>>Gotta remember to search around Youtube every now and then, so many amazing things to find, always changing. There is a handful of other Tomita clips floating around on there now. All in Japanese language but with more glimpses into the studio and the work. Note in that clip you posted you can just see the gooseneck mic and part of the front of a Korg VC10 vocoder. Here is another clip I found where Tomita amuses the interviewer by talking thru the vocoder and then letting him try it too.<<

Yeah, there are several short studio videos of his post analog era like the one you posted a link to. I wish the people who shot these videos would pan around and give us a better view. It looks like he's got a long row of Roland System 100m synth cabinets that run the length of the room up above his Moog, but they're always almost mostly out of camera view. Identifiable rack gear include Eventide Instant Phaser, Eventide H910 Harmonizer, Roland SBF-325 Chorus/Flanger, Roland PH-830 Phaser Shifter.

It pays to do periodic youtube searches to see what's new. I've found all kids of interesting stuff ranging from video of Fairlight's company and software engineers to a recent upload of different musicians from the past talking about how they used the Mellotron along with audio examples throughout. I didn't know that one group used it for their entire orchestra and many songs. Found one of Larry Fast / Synergy talking on some early 80's TV show, but that youtube account got suspended do to copyright violation before I had a chance to post a link here.

skunk3 writes:
>>"It began to play sound by simply touching willingly in children because there is a compact model now."<<

I know, too funny. The translations provide much entertainment in themselves even when they don't give a reader any clue as to what they actually mean.