[AH] FS: Cyber6, Microwave1, FZ-1, TX7, XBase09, Harms Mac-16, PolyMIDI1

From Florian Anwander
Sent Tue, Aug 5th 2008, 18:19


I am thinking about selling the following gear which I do not use often 
enough and it is eating up space. I know the prices are in the upper 
range. All these are things I would keep if I had enough room, and I 
will sell only if I can get reasonable amount money for (reasonable in 
sellers sense ;-) ).

Quasimidi Cyber 6, great masterkeyboard with two programmable 
arpeggiators, step sequencer, x0x-like rhythm programmer, 260,- Euros

Nord Modular 1, keyboard version, latest OS, with full DSP expansion, 
999,- Euros

Waldorf Microwave 1, latest OS Version, 320,- Euros

Casio FZ-1, keyboard version, Sampler with nice additive synthesis 
engine, in flight case. I had two of those, as far as I remember this 
one has two modifications:
a switch which disables the anti-aliasing filter at 36kHz and 18kHz 
sampling rate;
not used single outs are summed to mix out.
180,- Euros

Harms Mac-16, very advanced 16 channel MIDI->CV interface,  with soft 
envelopes and soft LFOs (clock synchronous on note trigger!), 
MIDI->DIN-Sync Interface, 500,- Euros

Yamaha TX7, (DX7-1 module version), 150,- Euros

Micro Performance Poly.Midi 1, very rare polyphonic MIDI sequencer, 5 
tracks 2 chains, Chordtrigger mode, syncable to MIDI-Clock and DIN-Sync, 
  outputs DIN-Sync, 16th trigger und MIDI-clock when master; I improved 
mechanical details of the pcb mounting, which originally was a 
littlebit, ehm... shaky; now the pcb is fixed bomb proof in the housing 
80,- Euros

Jomox XBase09 with Kaspar Leuenbergers XRom extension (four sample 
banks, sample import via MIDI-Dump), dark brown side panels, 440,- Euros
(I think, I'll regret selling this one, but who knows...)

Everything is fully functional, from a non smoker studio, from technical 
point of view everything is 10 out of 10, optical there is nothing below 
8/10. The Nordmodular, Yamaha TX7, Xbase09 and FZ-1 I played sometimes 
on stage (ambient music - so no beer throwing, e.a. ....), but 
everything was handled with care.

All prices are without shipping outside germany. I will ship from 
germany worldwide with german post, within germany with Hermes. Payment 
either IBAN/BIC-banktransfer within europe or paypal (international