Allen Strange book

From Peter Forrest
Sent Sat, Jan 25th 1997, 00:31

Can anyone help locate copies of Allen Strange's Electronic Music Systems,
Controls and Techniques book, published by Wm. C. Brown in the US - second
edition 1985, ISBN 0-697 03602 2 ?   The British branch of the publishers
(McGraw Hill) originally promised me some copies (I distribute books as well
as writing and publishing the A-Z) but after six weeks told me they had just
been declared out of print.  That means fifteen disappointed people already
in Europe.  It's also the main recommended text in the Doepfer modular
manual....  Any ideas where I can find remaindered copies, or any
suggestions for alternative reading that *is* available? 
Thanks in advance if anyone can contact me by private email to help. 
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