Re: [AH] Best MIDI solution for Roland System 100-101

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sun, Jan 26th 2014, 23:57

Hello James,

the System 100 requires at leaset a 10V Gate, and also a source that can 
cover a bigger load. Example: my SH-101 doesn't drive the Sys100 
reliably: it will trigger, but the sustain does not work well. My old 
Doepfer MCV-1 doesn't trigger it well too. I had to use my CSQ100 as a 
buffer stage (now I have built a modification into the System 100, but 
that is a different story).

I don't know the Kenton, but you should look for someone, who can 
reliably confirm, that the interface does work indeed with a System 100.