clear out - synths for sale

From Tom Carpenter
Sent Thu, Sep 12th 1996, 13:31

TR909   995
TR606   155
CR8000  195
SH1     295
SH101   270
SH101   150 (used, broken bender, no batt' cover, but 99% working)
TR727   165
SH09    250
Wasp    350
Pro1    350
Prodigy 250
Soundmaster SR88 90      analogue drum machine
KX5 (black)      150     with flight case
Model 181        145     system 100m keyboard
System 100       1650    101 (synth), 102 (expander), 103 (mixer), 104 (seq')
Monopoly         450
Kitten II        250
Cat              350
Cat              280 (broken switch, needs a new slider)
Poly 61          150
Dual channel MIDI-CV converter  90      (Groove)
OBERHEIM DX     150     drum machine
OBERHEIM DX     250     same but with MIDI
Drum Sequencer  150     Electro-Harmonix (rare Green LEDs!)

Most of these are in mint condition, the rest in good condition.
Email for more details.

I might get rid of some more soon too.


Many thanks!

Tom Carpenter.

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