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From fEEd
Sent Sat, Apr 8th 1995, 09:02

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995 23:35:30 -0700 (PDT), 
Mike Perkowitz   <> wrote:

>of course, now that rob has referred to the MMT as "boring" i'm sure the 
>prices will drop drastically as everyone tries to dump them for a 16/3. 
>;)  you can sell me one.. i want another. :)

Sorry mikeI just sold mine!  Well, I guess boring is a tad bit heavy on the 
good ol mmt8, they are pretty nice boxes and do lend themselves quite well 
to live work whne they don't dump their memory unexpectedly (don't get me 
started on that story).  I just want to move away from them in my live work 
to a whoel wierder area.  The maq 16/3 and mc4 shoudl take me there quite 
nicely, at least I hope!

BTW, how many maq users are there on this list?  Whats the newest 
software version?  This thing can act pretty fruit sometimes to say the 
least, I hope I can get used to it.  It might even be to wierd for me!

I wish I could control market prices that easy tho, I would tell everyone to 
sell me their boring Sytem 100Ms as well!! ;>  Of course according to some 
poeple on this list, 100Ms are well within the range of most musicians and 
their prices are going down down down by themsleves.  yeah right......

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    don't you try to synthesize some screams to go along with it?)"

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