Desert Isle Synths

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

Here is my list:

1) CS80
The main reason for the top position are 3. Best "working" HP/LP Filterpair
that I know. HP really interferes the LP, but still both leave enough of the
input to keep it clear and usable. The sound is outrageous and almost none
patch sounds like any other on any synths I know. Finally there is a 
keyboard that enables really expressive playing.

2) PS3300
Once more unique sound by 3 times a filter with 3 res. Gives with its
ful polyphony layout the thikest and richest pads you can dream of.
It's semipatchable architecture also gives you all to dream about with
a modular.

3) ?
4) ?
5) Ob8
On the lst position in the list, but had to be in there. I like it for
beeing the best friend of all the above. It's sounds isn't another PHAT
KILLER drone, but a pleasant addition to all other. Did often fit
well into a mix. It's fast easy and handy for lot's of situation where 
I need a pleasant soft sound. An addition, but a good one.

I am not shure about pos 3 and 4, so I left it open. All other's list's
gave enough inspirations. It's a matter of style and personal taste
in one particular pieco of music, to see which one is "better".
Please keep that in mind,


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