Re: MIDI for the EML 101

From Tony Karavidas
Sent Tue, Nov 11th 1997, 08:20

Nicholas D. Kent wrote:
> After many hours and arhive info from Analog Heaven I managed to
> sucessfully kludge sucessfully (monophonic) scaling and gating MIDI to
> CV to EML.
> I don't claim to have much electronic circuitry knowledge or know about
> undocumented variations in EML 101 design, so don't blame me if I'm
> giving bad advice.
> 1) Get the unit to scale from the keyboard. I used a digital tuner.
> While I was at it the CV out from the keyboard is 0.1 volt per key = 1.2
> volt per octave. The CV patch jacks at the top worked but not at
> 1.2v/oct but at several times this number. I found them usable only for
> non-pitched modulation. As documented the Envelope Trig jack needs a
> gate present, and there is no gate in on the patch pannel. So I went for
> the keyboard connection jack.
> Anyone know what the SEQ IN does? I still haven't figured it out, but
> once I got weird modulation when I patched to it. Never figured out what
> I was doing.
> 2) Looking at the Synth unit keyboard socket from the outside the pin at
> 2 o'clock is the CV. and the one at the bottom (6 o'clock) is a gate. I
> left the other pins connected to the keyboard.
> 3)  I connected both to a Kenton Pro4. But at the full amount of
> scaling, supposedly about 120%, I only got C to B or so for the octave.
> Darn. So what I did was take two channels and fed them through a voltage
> mixer (Doepfer A-138 linear in this case) and attenuated one CV quite
> drastically. Playing octave back and forth I got it to scale to whatever
> pitch it wound up on in octaves. Then on the EML I tuned the OSCs to C
> (the MIDI note I was using).
> A reminder from the archives. You have to keep re-triggering a note and
> giving the unit CV to get anything done. Just holding down a note will
> not let you scale the unit. (CV is buffered while the gate is held?)
> Again, a reminder that the inputs at the top behave very differently.
> I didn't figure out how to access the second duophonic CH. It seems to
> be on the pin at 8 o'clock. Normally there is a +5 voltage on it, but it
> drops to a new voltage when it's not in unison. But I'm not certain if I
> acessed this accurately.
> nicholas d. kent

Hi all,

I've been thinking about this for a while and today it dawned on me that a
modulation parameter exists in the Expressionist to get control of this
different CV implementation. 

One of the Expressionist's mod sources is Note Position. If that mod is set to
+45 and the scaling is set to +85, the Expressionist can put out exactly 1.2
Volts/octave. Slight tweaking of the parameters may be necessary, as in any
synth, but it works!

I don't actually have one of these synths, so if anyone out there can "test"
this for me, I would appreciate it. 

Any volunteers?

Tony Karavidas
Encore Electronics