[AH] more eurorack modular gear for sale

From appliancide
Sent Mon, Oct 20th 2008, 04:09

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Everything has been babied by me in my non-smoking home. Most prices are about 75% of new give or take depending on the module. I will charge actual shipping on all items after they are sent.


Dalek Modulator $200 - this is one of the first ones and it's a tight squeeze in the portable case, but I have never had a problem with it. I do line the rails with electrical tape just to be sure.
Vulcan Modulator $200

Plan B Dual Timbral Gate $210

Bananalogue Serge VCS $200

Analogue Solutions: 2x mx224 inverter/mixer/buffer $80 each (very handy modules)


a100P portable case $410 (It's the grey one)
a108 filter $165 (perfect for use with the bbd modules)
a110 VCO $150
a143-2 quad adsr $215
a135 vc mixer $130
a177 foot controller with two cv pedals and dual gate pedal $275 (no longer made)
a148 dual s&h $60
a181 multiple $37
a181-1 bbd (4096 stages) $200
a131 exp. vca $72
a150 dual vc switch $60
a119 ext in/env follower $75

Interested in diy type stuff only for trades. Maybe frac gear also.


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