Re: Doepfer A-100 modular

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Sent Sat, Feb 24th 1996, 20:08

On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, DJMaytag wrote:

> i was wondering if anyone had some more info about this modular system,
> especially comments about the newer modules (high end VCO, multimode VCF,
> etc). it sounds like it'd be something interesting to play with.

You should pick up the last issue of Future Music (Feb).  I believe it 
was mentioned previously but it contains a review of a basic A100 system.  
There are also a bunch of samples on the accompanying dual-format CD.

It sounds pretty good but I'd hold out for the new modules.  They sound 
like they're going to be much more interesting than the standard 
VCO-VCF-VCA setup they have available now.  One other thing is that 
they're using standard Curtis chips unlike most modulars which use 
discrete components as the Serge does.

I'm hoping the new modules like their precision VCO will be discrete but 
since they're trying to cut corners and keep costs down then I doubt it.  
I don't think the new modules are out yet so I doubt anybody can comment 
on them.

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