[AH] re: cwejman expansion?

From ndkent
Sent Sun, Mar 27th 2005, 10:19


> So I'm thinking if I can get one of these relatively cheap I'd quite 
> like to
> get a few
> bits and bobs to make it even more fun. I love the idea of the Synthi's
> joystick and
> saw Wiard to a cheap'un that'll run off a 9volt battery which is 
> perfect.
> Only thing is
> I'm new to this, will this work just patching it into the cwejman?
> http://www.cwejman.com/english/index_eng.asp?mode=s1
> http://www.wiard.com/1200/Joystick/1209.htm

> ahhh it will won't it, since the cwejman has 5 volt inputs. every day 
> is a
> lesson...

Don't see why you couldn't just underpower the Wiard. You could also 
have someone mod it easily.

As for the cwejman - it looks like the (major) corner being cut that 
most higher end modulars offer are input attenuators (trim knobs or 
sliders to adjust the level of the CV going in) .

Cwejman seem to then give you something useful though not a an exact 
replacement for some level pots. I don't have one but I see a lot of 
"level" jacks so it seems to me that you need a another CV from 
somewhere to control adjust that primary CV.

As an aside I noticed Blacet seems to have the attenuators on the 
outputs - which seems to sort of buck the trend of attenuators on the 

I'm curious, can anyone explain what can or can't you do with those CV 
level inputs. the specs say:
Multi-Mode Filter - CV, LEVEL - Amplitude modulation input, 0 dB gain @ 
5 Volts CV

Would 0v input do something different than no jack plugged in? Because 
if I assume 5v is full open then 0v should be closed? But if it's 
closed you couldn't use the input jack without also using the level 
inputs. I assume the jack inserts a VCA only when a plug is inserted.

Anyway, like a lot of other really small modular systems there's no 
good way to mix a lot of modulation sources without some external 
processing gear.

So it seems to me you get some extra VCAs on each of those level input 
- which is very cool, but you lack much onboard ability to process CV 
and generate and mix the levels you want - as the poster discovered 
with a module that doesn't have output adjustment.

An interesting difference in approach would be to compare the cwejman 
and macbeth M5. The M5 seems to add a lot of onboard mixing ability, 
clearly they looked at the Arp 2600. I'd think they almost went 
overboard because you are buying something modular-like yet probably 
paying a premium for a lot of dedicated to one task sliders. Maybe the 
ideal would be some general purpose trimmers connected to mixers with a 
master CV. That way you'd get a flexible expandable adjustment for the 
instances you need it rather than no mixing and needing CVs on the 
cwejman and all those single function sliders on the M5

> I was thinking, wow, for pretty much that sort of money you might 
> actually
> get a good second hand Synthi AKS, which would probably hold its value
> really well, and is a whole lot of fun and history and 
> uniqueness.......
> But then should I recommend getting something old over something new?
> Shouldn't new manufacturers have a fair bite of the cherry?
> What do other AH members think?
> Peter

I agree with the value, history, and unique part.  A Synthi is it's own 
thing, that uniqueness makes it a poor choice if you want a basic 
smallish- modular/semi-modular/vaguely 2600-ish unit. You really want 
to buy a Synthi if you want to buy a Synthi.

Well obviously a Analogue Solutions Vostok is seems cheaper (especially 
used) and you'll get that joystick integrated. But I guess the not that 
high used prices confirm at least some people weren't so thrilled with 

You might want to look into Analogue Systems or Doepfer to put together 
a smaller system or even as a bunch of helper modules to round out 
what's on a cwejman.

Got my doubts though that you'd get one for relatively cheap as you 
mention - unless you've lucked out.