Re: FWD: Prophet-5

From analogue
Sent Tue, Oct 21st 1997, 15:01

> Another thing about the 7805 to watch for in this case, is exactly how
> much current the particular part is rated for!  :O  I know that the
> 7805's do come, in 100, 500, 1000 and 1500 milliamp versions. :O  This
> is usually designated by the letter, in between the part # #s.  If I
> remember correctly, I've seen 78L05 specifying a 50ma +5V regulator, and
> 78M05 specifying a 100ma reg.

I'm pretty sure of the following:

7805  TO-220 or TO-3 case, 1000ma
78m05 TO-220 case, 500ma
78l05 TO-92 case, 100ma

> I'd get a 1.5 amp (1500ma) unit to pop into the unit, (and presuming
> that it is heatsunk) see how well this operates.  It could very well be
> that the some of the ones that were used in the Prophets were 1000ma
> devices, instead of 1500ma devices.  (I have seen some of the regulators
> marked as 7805 ONLY, with no letter in between.  In cases like this,
> I've had to go to the databook from the manufacturer, to find out it's
> current rating.)

I've never heard of a 1500ma part (which is a good thing), meaning that I
doubt they were available when the p5 was built.  I'm guessing 78H05.

Anyway good advice.


> Hope this helps. :))
> Ric
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