Re: [AH] Vangelis - Chariots of Fire you tube

From francois.buat
Sent Mon, Aug 20th 2007, 21:28

But, it's cool to see him playing Chariot of Fire on PS3300 and ARP2500 
this time!
If you want to hear a funny story..
Rubens Fernandez during the production of the Polykobol was in touch 
with many musicians.
He told me for exemple that he met Peter Gabriel during his concert in 

He told me also that Vangelis wanted to get a Polykobol.. And he wasn't 
very pleased to don't get one.
Yes, RSF had troubles with the design.

If Vangelis is on this list, Hello to you! Sade you didn't touch the 
synth.. If you want by the way.. ;-)

Also, already in the past I have been in touch with also other very 
famous musicians.. I wouldn't be surprised
that Sir Vangelis is not there.. Ar have been there.


francois.buat wrote:
> Hello,
> As I own 3 PS3100 that I connected together, I wanted to see what you 
> are speaking about..
> I did a Click on youtube and searched Vangelis and China... Perfect, I 
> found the making of China.
> Well, I don't see any PS3300..But CS80 and roland system 100..
> Are you sure?
> Francois
> Max Fazio wrote:
>> Not counting that on an emulation of a Korg PS you should simulate a 
>> full polyphony!
>> M
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>>>> ps-3300 huh? luckily those are easy to come by, or emulate in vst.
>>>> royce
>>> Eh?! Easy to come by or emulate?? Yeah, along with a 1968 Moog
>>> Modular or Shergar the horse :-)
>>> Ben
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