(amb) FOR SALE/TRADE: *Lotza* Cd/Vinyl/Videos...

From leafflow
Sent Thu, Oct 3rd 1996, 21:52

Another LARGE batch of stuff to trade and/or sell...
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Will bargin for large quantity order(s)...

CD format:
ELLIOT SHARP & CO.: Boodlers                                  $9
POL: Transomuba                                               $15
DANIEL MENCHE: Legions In The Walls (german import)           $19
PETE NAMLOOK: Atom                                            $13
TOURNESOL: Kokotsu (on Apollo Records)                        $16
OSCAR SALA: My Fascinating Instrument                         $19
HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY: Freefloater                       $12
DAVID MOUFANG & NAMLOOK: Koolfang 2- Gig in the Sky           $13
NAMLOOK & ATOM HEART: Jet Chamber 2                           $13
                                       Fiction                $13
EN ESCH: Confidence ep.                                       $6
PSYCHOSLAPHEAD (Juno Reactor): Psychoslaphead                 $9
DIE WARZAU: Liberated ep.                                     $6
JOHN WALL: Alterstll                                          $18
IKUE MORI: Garden                                             $16
HIGH JACK: ep.                                                $6
JACK THE TAB: Compilation (2cd)                               $15
SANDOZ: Intensely Radioactive                                 $14
AFTERBURN: Compilation                                        $8
EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK: Telecommunications Breakdown
                             (w/ cdrom section & hard disk)   $13
SPIRITFEEL: Spiritfeel                                        $9
A SPLIT SECOND: s/t (out of print)                            $11
D*NOTE: Babel                                                 $9
  "   : Now Is The Time ep.                                   $7
  "   : The Remixes ep.                                       $8
  "   : Criminal Justice                                      $9
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO: Subliminal Sandwich (ltd. edition, 2cd)  $16
FUTURE LOOP FOUNDATION: Time And Bass                         $11
NORMALLY INVISIBLE: Always Ultra With Wings                   $13
GIVE 'EM ENOUGH DOPE: Volume 1                                $11
STILL COOKIN': Compilation (on Ubiquity)                      $13
FAT JAZZY GROOVES: Volumes 11 & 12                            $13
GREYBOY: Freestylin' (on Ubiquity)                            $13
ROBERT MUSSO: Transonic 3                                     $13
REAL INTELLIGENCE: Rather Interesting Compilation             $15
BISK: Time                                                    $16
SWALLOW: Blowback (4AD ltd. edition remix ep.)                $9
MAUVE SIDESHOW: Mauve Sideshow                                $9
YOUNG AMERICAN PRIMITIVE: Young American Primitive            $12
ROBERT GORL & PETE NAMLOOK: Elektro                           $14
V/A: Head Travel (music/cd rom)                               $12
AMBIENT DUB VOL. 1: The Big Chill (compilation)               $14
CHARLES UZZEL EDWARDS: Octopus 2                              $13
DREXCIYA: The Journry Home ep.                                $10
THE SUNKINGS: Hall Of Heads                                   $11
MICHAEL FAHRES: Zoophonia                                     $14
MARGARET LENG TAN plays SOMEI SATOH: Litania                  $8
MICHAEL BROOK & U. SRINIVAS: Dream (on Realworld)             $14
DROME: The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious    $14
POLYGON WINDOW: Quoth                                         $10
PSYCHIC TV: Mouth of the Night                                $13
EARWIG: Every Day Shines/I Need Feel Ep.                      $9
BARAMUNDI: Compilation Vol. 1                                 $12
ATOM HEART: Silversound                                       $14
ATOM HEART: Machine Paisley                                   $14
TRANCEMITTER: Compilation (import)                            $9
SCOTT WALKER: Tilt (import)                                   $12
OFFBEAT: Compilation (tracks by My Bloody Valentine, Laika,
                     DJ Krush, DJ Spooky, Skylab, Meat Beat
                     Manifesto, Tortoise, others...)          $13
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Atomic Weight (Japanese experimental/ambient
                               import, most tracks by Ryoji
                               Ikeda)                         $15
CHRIS MELOCHE: Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth             $14
     "       : Distant Rituals                                $14
THIRD EYE FOUNDATION: In Version                              $18
LAB REPORT: Terminal (promo)                                  $10
UZECT PLAUSH: More Beautiful Human Life!                      $15
EMIT 2000: Compilation (2cd)                                  $15
MUZIQ: In Pine Effect                                         $13
KID SPATULA: Spatula Freak                                    $14
ISOLATIONISM: Compilation (2cd)                               $16
MIAOW: Compilation (from Wire Magazine promo)                 $7

LP format:
TERMINAL HEAD: Global Warning ep. (jungle)                    $9
MOVIN'MELODIES ep.                                            $6
STRICTLY RHYTHM: The Deep & Slow Compliation (2xLp)           $9
JONAH SHARP: Strange Attractor                                $10
ATOM HEART: Flextone (2lp)                                    $14
FREEZONE 5/5 Ep. (w/ tracks by Future 3, Smooth Helmet/Plug,
                 Parametric, and PFM- out of print)           $18
UNDERWORLD: Rowla/Juanita ep.                                 $7
NEOTROPIC: Laundrophonic ep.                                  $9
SPIRITUALIZED: Pure Phase Tones For Djs                       $12
SILENT POETS: Firm Roots (2lp, promo, japanese import)        $17
MODEL 500: I Wanna Be There 12" (Remixes)                     $10
NIGHTMARES ON WAX: DreadOverBoard ep.                         $8
ERIK DAHL: Anti-Instrumentations (1st release on Comatonse-
                                 Terre Thaemlitz's label)     $9
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK: The Farewell Edition (ltd. edition of
                                           1000, blue vinyl)  $13
ONCE DREAMT: Dreaming                                         $10
AMP/THIRD EYE FOUNDATION: Ombres 7" (out of print)            $6

SEA CHANNEL: Transmission One (Music by Nocturnal Emissions)  $14
CUNTY JUICE: Treated Film Collage (music by N.E.)             $14
EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK: Commercial Entertainment Product $14
MOTION: Artificial Intelligence/ Warp video                   $14