Re: [AH] ARP Little Brother

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, Jan 13th 2000, 19:50

Joe Rivera (10:39 AM 1/13/2000) wrote:

 >What do you guys think an ARP Little Brother is worth. somebody
 >is ofering one to me but he wants $300. do you guys think that
 >price is right. or could I find it at a much better price?

You know that it's just a single VCO with an onboard delayable LFO, right?

There's a divide down circuit on board to allow for the simultaneous 
generation of 4 different octaves, and there are 4 different waveforms but 
that's about it.

The only thing past that is that you can trigger a pulse width sweep on one 
of the waveforms from the outside. There is no filter, envelope or onboard 
VCA. The output if always hot, and it has to be patched into the audio-in 
of another machine in order to have it gated.

I have a Little Brother, but it's been radically modified.

It's original tone source rarely gets used alone.

Personally, I think $300 is way much. That kind of money is better spent on 
something from Blacet, Wiard, Doepfer...