RS Integrator Protoype for sale - big and cheap!

From tomc
Sent Fri, Feb 27th 1998, 12:58

RS Integrator modular synth - 1 only prototype for sale. Only 1 in the
world and many of the modules are 1 off never to be reproduced.
3U 19" rack, black. ARP2500 pots.

Pitch to Voltage
EG follower
Trigger Module
VC Pulse Shaper
Ring Mod (2 types)
3 way multiple
4 way multiple
VC Level Shifter
2 VCLFO (with noise)
4 way sequencer mixer, VCA, Stereo out (panning), can be clocked
Modules similar spec to production module but many have extra features
(like the RM, VCA, ADSR)

Price =A3600 (cheaper than production for this one off)

Jupier 8 w/MIDI                         =A31199
TR909                                   =A3949
Cat                                     =A3429
Microwave                               =A3649
SQ10                                    =A3449
Alpha Juno 1                            =A3249
CS30s                                   =A3599
RE201 echo                              =A3299
ARP Solus                               =A3399
Korg Lamda                              =A3149
Korg Sigma                              =A3219
Yamaha CS5                              =A3199
Korg MS01 or MS04                       =A3139 each
Prophet 5 rev 3.2                       =A3899
Electro Harmonix Space drum synth       =A395
CS10                                    =A3249
SH09                                    =A3249 - expander with Xmod
MKS70                                   =A3449 mint boxed
TR606                                   =A3155
SH101 flight case                       =A315
CR68                                    =A385 with clock in
Boss BP1 trigger pads                   =A310
System 100m                             =A31395
MB33 TB303 clone                        =A3149
VF11 Vocoder                            =A3259
RS3 Filter Bank                         =A3159
Soundmaster SR88                        =A365
Vermona analogue drum machine           =A3145
EDP Wasp                                =A3450
Casio MIDI horn                         =A399
Roland SH5                              =A3599
SCI Drumtraks                           =A3195
SH3a                                    =A3245
SH3a expander                           =A3399 - 50 modular sockets
Behringer Ultraflex II exciter          =A3149 - new
Coren drum synth                        =A399
Paragon DVMX 2 channel drum synth       =A399 - analogue
MC4 sequencer                           =A3399
TR808                                   =A3550


Tom Carpenter @ analogue soultions

tel1 01384 35 36 94   tel3:0410 347 156   fax:01384 35 36 94
for internationl, drop the zero and add +44

posting mail: 56 kingsley road, kingswinford, west midlands, dy6 9rx, UK