Analogue Mod. Synths for sale and......

From Doug Masla
Sent Mon, Sep 22nd 1997, 16:04

I have the  following synths' in my studio  for sale:-(

1-MOOG duophonic Keyboard for model 15 *this kybd has never been used-$300.00

2- Roland 100m 3x 151j power cabinets w/mults,181 KYBD..
  Modules:3x 132(dual mix/VP)/2x110(VCO-VCF-VCA)/3x150-(RM-N-S&H-vc
clock-vcLFO)/2x130(daul VCA)/2x112(dual VCO)/121-1x(dual VCF)/1721x(phase
shifter-analog delay-lfo-gate delay)/140 2x(dual ADSR-vcLFO)...cabs and
modules/kybd in mint condition....

3-Polyfusion Modular system...2 cabinets one-slant one stretch,2 kybds(one
w/pressure/both w/vel&joystick....26 modules in excellent condition(vco's
are discreet)$8950.00
contact for module compliment

4-360 Systems  Frequency Shifter (stand alone unit,PS,internal quadrature
oscillator) $500.00

5-2x casio cz101's one w/case $100/120(w/case)

6-Roland SH101 blue w/pistol grip $450.00

7-NEW Doepfer A100][ system w/internal midi never used in box
$2000.00(inc.shipping usa only)

8-Eventide DSP-H4000 2 months old $3500.00

buyer pays shipping  FOB Hollywood Calif. USA
(i am not a dealer these are my personal instruments-dm)