Re: [AH] Roland System 100's - Tuning

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Thu, Mar 1st 2007, 13:58

hello Simon,
i have the same problem with my System100 101 keyboard.
it needs re-tuning every 10 minutes or so...
in contrast, my 102 stays in tune very nicely. (as it should)
so, i guess my101 (and your system100 machines) just need service, or
best regards,

Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
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Athens - Greece

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Subject: [AH] Roland System 100's - Tuning


Is it just mine or do all System 100's go badly out of tune and if so is
there anything that can be done to fix this ?  I just don't seem to be able
to tune the 101 and the 102 so that they are in tune all the time (lower
notes are fine but if I play higher notes then they're slightly out of
whack). Its driving me batty :-(