mono/poly and roland synth books

From Mike Perkowitz
Sent Fri, Oct 20th 1995, 08:04

okay, i finally scored my very own mono/poly tonight. woohoo! i have one 
question though.. i remember reading that the arpeggiator trigger is a 
negative going thing a la moog s-trig. is that right? could one build the 
s-trigger convertor at MM and drive this thing with a 909 or 606 trigger? 
other options?

the guy who sold me the mono/poly also threw in (instead of an m/p 
manual), a series of books called THE SYNTHESIZER put out by roland. it 
has four volumnes: 
	a foundation for electronic music
	practical synthesis for electronic music (vol. 1)
	practical synthesis for electronic music (vol. 2)
	multichannel recording for electronic music

it's kinda cool. all the synthesis examples are given with a model 100m 
as the example synth. and one of the books has panel diagrams for the 
100m modules. pretty cute, all in all.

yes, i've already tried running the m/p off my 303. sometimes the 303 
never sounds better than when it's silently running a more capable synth. 



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