[AH] FS: frac Wogglebug, lil' lag, DR-110 modded, and more PICS this tim

From Anthony Rolando
Sent Sat, Dec 29th 2007, 03:20

I had a number of request for pics and edtails so I made a web page with pi=
cs and infos:
I lowered the price of the DR-110 hot-modded to $225. I am open to offers o=
n some things.

The Wogglebug is currently on hold until Sunday.=20

>> Spend your xmas cash on something fun! I am selling these because I have=
 duplicates (I have 3 Wogglebugs), or modules with the same functions (filt=
ers, LFOs).
>> Blacet:
>> Final Filtre $160
>> Bar Graph $70
>> RACK w/ Power Distro board and power cables $100
>> Metalbox:
>> Dual Drum $100
>> Nice DIY:
>> Real Ring Mod Frac (transformaer based)/ Signal Preamp $100
>> Expression Pedal Interface/ CV Offset/ Attenuator/ 1/4" to mini jack mul=
t Frac $100
>> Dual Mult with Attenuator Frac $50 (sold as new with 1 yr warranty)
>> Oakley Little Lag/ Mult Frac $100 (sold as new with 1 yr warranty)
>> Wogglebug #3 Frac $400 (sold as new with 1 yr warranty)
>> Joystick X, Y, 3 momentary switches (NOS) $100 (sold as new with 1 yr wa=
>> Boss DR-110 w/ DIN sync in/ out, Kick Drum mod (adds BOOM), Snare mod (V=
C tune, snappy), HH mod (infinite noise switch, VC filter) $250
>> Doepfer:
>> A-140 ADSR $75
>> A-110 Standard VCO (number 7 on TUNE pot is scratched) $145
>> All in perfect working order. Cosmetically nice except where noted. I'll=
 have pics soon.
>> Definitely interested in Trades as well. Seeking laptop, euro rack modul=
es, doepfer suitcase, drum throne, drum triggers/ pads, eh POG, eh HOG... t=
ry me!
>> Tony
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