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Hey can someone re-post the other AHCali pics link?  I must have missed the
email.   Thanks 

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Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 23:44:49 -0800
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Subject: [AH] few more pics from AHCali yesterday

few more photos at:

 <> Again, thanks to all who made this happen.  I
had an excellent time.  I really did bring a SunSyn, FR Revolution, AKS, and
Doepfer modules with the ribbon controller, even if no pictures (including
mine) seem to show any of them.

The space was excellent and it amused me that it seemed just the right size
to handle what showed up.  Highlights for me:

- speaking with Roger Powell and talking about the first time I met him
about 30 years ago at BSEM as he was composing some complex rhythms using a
tape click track and an EMS Sequencer 256.  Even better, he was totally into
his kit-built MOTM system and is eager to compose again.

- Doug's Wiard has grown since the Hayward gathering.  The lights amaze; the
sound and patches are incredible.

- hearing the next The Love Makers CD is coming out next spring with some
label support.

- the Metasonix 4 voice all-tube polyphonic synth monster.  I thought it was
a glorious mess and got lost in the sound for quite some time.  Of
everything there, this beast spoke to me (loudly and with great

- Modcan/Cyndustries - love the look, wish I had more time to sit down with
it. Next time?

- Peter Brown, the Aries modules, and the rest of that setup.

- Cary Roberts at the end demonstrating the strange Digitech guitar pedal
effect that made everything sound like it came from God...

- way in the back was a small setup with some Simmons drum modules and a
home made aluminum case with a modified Tama circuit playing a kick drum
sound.  It was the finest bass drum sound I have ever heard.  I did not
catch the name of the person who built this and although he tried to tell me
what all the extra knobs did my mind lost track. We spoke for a few moments
but then I spent the remainder of that time with the headphones on hitting
the trigger over and over.  Anyone else have more details?  It really was
awesome, including the power supply inside a Kodak plastic film canister (UL

- letting people play the Synthi AKS while trying not to interfere.
Concentrated expressions with headphones as they wander around the knobs and
pins.  Close to the end I had the chance to show a few tricks (making the
output channels and EG turn into VCOs, using the ring mod to create a bowed
cello effect, making the filter HPF instead of LPF) and the whole
educational approach I used to do for a living gave me a buzz.

I didn't get very many photos, I spent a decent amount of time helping folks
play the Synthi and hear the Revolution.  The locale was a night club and
the lighting was great for encouraging conversation but not so goo for
photos.  Anyway, I used the stupid ISP template again to share a few pics
since it would take me forever to actually put them up on my own.

We should do this again, sooner rather than later.  It was a cool
environment and attitude.  Nobody spilled a beer into a module, nothing
broken, nothing taken, just folks enjoying a shared passion.  Except when I
almost left with one of Cary's custom patch cables made by Larry Hendry
(honest, it really looked like on of mine).  I took down some email
addresses and/or land info and I will send the schematics and manuals I
wrote down.  But if I forget someone, drop me a line and remind me.