Re: [AH] Ho-hum...vocoders, vocoders

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, Jun 10th 1999, 00:27

4:20h! Records (06:13 PM 6/10/99) wrote:

 >It's getting to be a serious issue as of late - I need a good vocoder but I
 >almost NEVER, EVER see VC-10s for sale. Is there anything that comes close
 >in a modern vocoder design that's JUST a vocoder and not part of an
 >expensive synth? I've heard the MAMs are good, but how do they compare with
 >the real thing? Anyone have a VC-10 they want to sell? Anyone used a NEXT

The NEXT! VOX-11, the MAM VF-11, and the FAT PCP330 are all the same 
machine. MAM is the parent, NEXT! and FAT are making the machine under license.

The VC-10 is lesser in quality (intelligibility) than the VF-11.

"The real thing"? What do you consider the real thing? An EMS 5000?

I also hear that the Doepfer A100 module is good. And there's the old VP330 
from Roland...