[AH] MICI to CV unanswered question

From ross healy
Sent Fri, Feb 29th 2008, 02:37

Hi all

I am prepared to make myself seem like an amateur. I have  been using a 
modular synth for about a year now and have just decided to MIDI/CV it 
up to actually play NOTES of all things!

What has me totally baffled is this.  When I am pressing down a key on 
the midi keyboard i get the note then when i take my finger off the key 
there is a few octaves above playing until i again press another key. I 
cant work out what is going on, it must be something so simple I have 
overlooked it.

here is my complete set up for this .

Frostwave MC1 midi CV - MIDI out to MIDI IN synth, Frostwave CVA to Plan 
B Complex VCO 1v/o, Frostwave Gate to Doepfer A143-2 Quad ADSR gate in, 
gate out to Serge Universal Audio Processor VC1+2 so that  the ADSR 
shape is going into the VC1+2.

I would live to solve this issue