[AH] SEQUENCERS: An Alesis Alternative?

From Terhune, Charles
Sent Mon, Jan 11th 1999, 21:19


I'm thinking about sequencers for live use and I'm wondering what's out
there for me besides the Doepfer stuff.  I like it, but it seems to be more
about analog sequencing as opposed to the mute/un-mute a track method the
Alesis uses.  Am I missing something the Dopfer website doesn't list?  Does
it do pattern based stuff?

I want something that allows me to do similar stuff to the MMT-8, but with
more memory and some faders and also will allow me to jam alot of notes in a
sequence and not jam it up.  I've been doing huge note smears lately and
it's the kind of thing that just makes my DR-660 freak out.

Are there other hardware sequencers out there?