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From Mo Rosati
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Speaking of Roland 700 System...

Checkout this link:

This a personal collection from one of the best synth dealers Japan has
to offer!

Mo Rosati

>>> neoneo <> 01/24/07 8:01 AM >>>


I was intrigued about the sound of the 700 and had
a looked at the schemos

It seems that most modules were copied into the later System 100m, minus
a couple of features.

The 702 VCO's  are identical to the 100m VCO's
[except the 700 has a bonus sine shaper ouput]

The 703E,F,G filter [LP] is very similar to the 100m 121 [LP] filter,
100m uses the famous BA622 OTAs [used in TB303] instead of the CA3080's
the 700.

The VCA 704 is very similar to the 100m VCA 130, just updated in the
with the BA22 instead 
of the CA3080, plus an FET transistor buffer.
Both have Lin and Exp modes.

Although the 700 does have a few of other fun things:- multimode filter
703B,C , Env follower and
pitch to voltage, VU meters, monster sequencer
maybe its the vintage black Tolex and huge boxes that make it sound nice

virkola wrote:
> I have never owned System-700, but I have played on it. And the
> oscillaters 
> and filters are awsome! I have never heard anything like it.
> If you are looking for a modular setup, consider Macbeth Studio
Systems or 
> Analog Systems altso. The Roland System-700 is not easy to find for
> Best regards
> Virkola
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>> Can one be had for around $10,000, or is that on the low side?
>> Not that I have that kind of cash laying around....
>> Heath

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