[AH] doepfer universal vactrol/prices going up/etc

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Dec 22nd 2006, 17:31

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i guess the prices for Doepfer mods are going up early next year...i have a=
n A100 Basic  (non midi) setup...recently got the fixin's for another rack =
and the 155, 188, 119, and voltage inverter mods...=0A=0Ai was thinking of =
getting the Universal Vactrol mod as it would come in very handy with my no=
n-vc mods ( i also have a batch of pedals including an old Ross Analog dela=
y begging for vc)...has anyone tried A101-9? does it work as it should?  i'=
ve look at the manual and the mods seem easy enough, but i don't have acces=
s to a drill press...is it easy enough to drill through the faceplates with=
 a hand drill for the jacks? =0A=0Aalso: when i started this post i was thi=
nking now might be a good time to consider the A185 bus access mod...i figu=
red  i would never need it, so i don't know much about it...would i need on=
e for each rack? what mods use it?  i need to do more research, but i'm ass=
uming cv would show up at CV1 and would be bypassed with a patch cord inser=
ted to the cv jack on an A110 Standard Osc for eample, but this is just a g=
uess...=0A=0Alastly: what must have Doepfer mods would you rec considering =
for purchase before the price hike?=0A=0A=0Athanks,=0Arg