commercial uses of AH (re: poly CV)

From Warren Saunders
Sent Wed, Sep 3rd 1997, 11:28

>Someone mentioned that Kenton's 8 AUX CVs are very important to them.
>Great! The Kenton does have more dedicated AUX CVs than the
>Expressionist, BUT, the Expressionist has more PITCH channel than
>anybody. (The Doepfer has yet to be seen). What happens when you have a
>4 voice OB, a Kenton Pro4 and you decide to buy another analog synth?
>You have a bunch of AUX CVs, but they're no good for pitch control. So
>now you have to buy another MIDI->CV converter. I think it's a short
>sighted solution.

While I take into account, and on the whole agree with your points in
this e-mail, please,please don't turn AH into an arena for slamming your
competitors. In the past I have been dubious about posting certain
things on AH, and have had words with members of Kenton for doing so. AH
is first and foremost a non-commercial arena, and while I see nothing
wrong in asking advice of AH'ers (like when we were starting on our
synth) or sharing our advice with AH'ers when they have a question, even
announcing the launch of new products, this can be done without recourse
to badmouthing the opposition. Most of your posts (including the
majority of the one above) are fair, insightful and interesting, however
there is a line which IMHO should not be crossed, so maybe all of us
trade AH'ers could keep an eye on that in future!
If we want to slam the opposition and praise our own products to the
skies lets do it privately please. 

So, if anyone wants me to tell them that Kenton's converters are the
best there is and why, they can e-mail me personally!!!! ;-)

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