Re: (idm) Rephlex

From brian j tang
Sent Wed, Sep 24th 1997, 16:56

> Finally had the guts to open up my Rephlex merchandise pack that I
> bought last weekend in london, the info on it was catalogue number:
> SHOP1 distributed by RTM/'s full of nice stuff, lots and
> lots of stickers, including hundreds of tiny little rephlex logo
> stickers for putting on your turntables etc... a couple of large
> rephlex posters (no not the one that came with Bradely's Robot),
> two badges, a car sticker, release schedule, and even more stickers :)

Did the release schedule say anything about the Polygon Window 

> Well, those'll keep me happy for a while, but like it says on the
> info sheet: "in about a month we will be sending you another package
> containing Rephlex CD & 12" dividers and some other exclusive fashion
> items to make you the envy of your friends!"
> I'll look forward to that, i reckon. :)

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