Re: [AH] Re- Technosaurus S

From Kurt Dwight Bleach
Sent Thu, Jan 7th 1999, 19:12

You know, I was wondering if I was the only one noticing this. Everything I do on
the Doepfer sounds exactly like every new tune out there these days. Frustrating
as hell. I guess I'll just stick to my Sh-101, TB-303 and Minimoog for some
really original sounds. ;-)

Ross Goniakowski wrote:

>         Reply to:   RE>>[AH] Re: Technosaurus Selector Modular
> "Another thing pushing me towards the TS stuff is that everyone and their
> grandmama (well almost) owns a Doepfer.  The last thing I want is to sound
> like is everyone else by using the same equipment."
> Uhh... isn't the point of a modular that you can go beyond a predetermined
> path, you know, personalize your sounds? Besides, does everyone playing a
> strat sound like Hendrix? When I was thinking about getting my Doepfer
> someone on the list made the point of beyond the sound of the synth, it's
> important enough to have the flexability of a modular. If I worried about
> sounding like everyone else I wouldn't have the Doepfer, the Pro One, the MW2,
> etc...
> rg, non-303 owner

For the record, using a modular to produce a bass sound or a lead sound (as one
might do with a Mini, for example) is only a VERY SMALL part of what they're
capable of. And when you're using them for signal processing or rhythmic trigger
processing or whatever, it's inconceivable to me that your sound would be any
more similar to somebody else using a Doepfer than it would be to someone doing a
similar kind of thing on any other modular. (That's not to say at all that
various modulars sound alike, just that since there's such an incredible number
of options available in a modular it would very difficult to identify a
characteristic sound, except in the most basic of patches -- and who the hell
would bother using a modular for an extermely basic patch?)


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