[AH] some help building a rack for doepfer

From Brett Maddaford
Sent Wed, Jun 28th 2006, 01:32

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Hi All
Am helping a friend put together a case for some doepfer modules but
just wanted to confirm a few things. I've found a PS thats +\-12v, 1.0A,
50W which seems to be plenty for a couple of rows....correct? and it
also has +5v at 4.0A which seems plenty if 5V is needed. This is the
same as the PS in my analogue systems modular and it works fine, as far
as i can tell doepfer and AS are the same in PS requirements is that
The only other thing i wanted to check is doepfer appear to use the same
16 pin DIL socket for power connections as AS is that correct?  Its
obviously alot cheaper to solder my own sockets on a long stip of
project board like ive done with my AS instead of paying $50 for one
from doepfer etc
Thanks in advance