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Drew, the Doepfer Reverb module uses a smaller tank than most others out th=
ere... I find the shorter springs to be better for percussive sounds, and i=
s great kicking, smacking or however else you want to shake it up. Overall,=
 I really enjoy this module. The doepfer module is by no means HI-FI. If I =
remember correctly, it uses an off the shelf audio power amp IC similar wha=
t you might find in your television set. I love the sound.

If you search the A-100 list, you will find a discussion regarding the use =
of other tanks with the Doepfer module. It is possible. You could rig up a =
switch panel to select between tanks... that would be dreamy,


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> Subject: [AH] Modular spring reverb quality
>  	So. I really miss my spring reverbs... I'm trying to avoid the=20
> whole "buy several old units, keep one, spend months reselling the rest"=
> cycle that I perpetuated for many years, so I've been thinking about=20
> getting a MODULAR spring verb.
>  	I have some questions though. What's the quality like on the=20
> various companies' modules? I have both a Eurorack and a dotcom system. M=
> dotcom has a big hole in the upper-right, so it'd be perfect, if it sound=
> right. Euro would be fine, but I'd have to hack a hole in it to access th=
> spring ins/outs, which would look a little booty.
>  	Other options would be the Doepfer reverb, or (maybe) the Demeter=20
> Real Reverb. The problem with the Demeter being that I wouldn't want to=20
> hit it with DC or kick it around, which is half of the fun of having a=20
> spring reverb. It's also a lot more expensive. I'm sure it sounds good,=20
> too, but does it sound TOO good? Did they design the spring out of the=20
> spring reverb?
>  	Something I've also wanted to try is switching up spring tanks on=20
> the same reverb. I don't mind sourcing/buying a few different=20
> Accutronics/whatever-brand tanks and altering them at my leisure... Don't=
> remember if it was the Allen Strange book or somewhere else, but I recall=
> some patch being made with a spring-verb tank that was stuffed full of=20
> cotton. This killed the longer reflections and was used for a string=20
> timbre. I'd imagine it would be nice to put some different sources throug=
> it to add interesting harmonics without the grossness/bleed that a=20
> ring-modulator adds to the signal.
>  	Back in the day I spent a lot of time building electro-acoustic=20
> verbs and quasi-instruments to play and sample. I used to have a shitload=
> of scavenged electrical and mechanical parts, so it was essentially free.=
> And fun. These days I lack the time to meticulously glue contact/electret=
> mics to old springs, and I lack the springs, and I lack an electronics=20
> workshop, and, well, let's be honest, I lack patience and a good attitude=
> The rest of the list is off-topic so I'll stop here. :)
>  	drew
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