Re: Moog or Doepfer?

Sent Wed, Mar 19th 1997, 18:25

>The preconfigured Doepfer 'Mini' system (North America) seems to
>come with a lot of toys including a midi/cv interface.
>This is a very significant purchase for me and I intend to be buried
>with which ever patch synthesizer system I get; this means that I want to
>still be able to use it in 50 years.
>What do you guys and gals think?
>(Choosing new gear is such a wonderful problem to have isn't it?)

Well, the first (and probably final) criterion is your own ears. There's a 
pretty big difference between the sound of a Moog and the sound of a 
Doepfer. Each to his:her own in that regard. Given the contentious nature 
of the various Moogs, I'd have to say that service, and the likelihood that 
the company will actually be around in ten years time is a serious 
consideration. Doepfer wins out on this one. That said, I'd say wait 
another six months, work a few extra hours a week and invest in a Serge. 
Just my .02....
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