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Sent Fri, Feb 9th 1996, 05:48

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Kevin wrote:

> Fellow Analogue Heaven crazies, I would like you to extend a welcome
> to my friend Doug (TVOD123) to AH. He has now joined on.
> Doug has an amazing amount of synths and electronic music background and
> will be a welcome addition to the group. He owns several 2600's, Sys100m's,
> Digisound, etc.
> You may find it of interest that it is Doug's massive 20 panel Serge
> modular that is the title pic to my Rekoil page at:

Holy SHIT!  I just fried out my terminal with saliva!!!

It's a very impressive web site BTW.  Everybody should go check it out if 
they haven't.

I'm curious about your post about chips.  A Voyetra8 is on its way to my 
doorstep as we speak.  While it is newly built, I hear about horror 
stories of people never finding parts for their synths (esp. the Voyetra) 
when they go down.  The Voyetra is SSM based.  My question is should I get 
some replacement chips to be safe???

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