[AH] FT: Doepfer, Banalogue, Blacet

From Anthony Rolando
Sent Wed, Apr 30th 2008, 19:44

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Last try to get a trade for some of these:

Doepfer: A-156 quantizer, A145 LFO,=20

Banalogue: WVX Serge Waveshaper (euro)

Blacet: Improbability Drive (modded for audio signal processing and quantiz=
er control), Micro LFO, Dual VCA

Boss Dr-110 (modded for VC of snr and cymbal timbre as well as DIN sync in/=


I am looking for the following: Doepfer A196 PLL, A166 Logic, A117 Digi Noi=
se, A188 BBD.

Also interested in Harvestman stuff, Plan B Model 28 and possibly others th=
at I have not thought of yet!


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